Further Resources

The Virtual Jamestown site has a wealth of information based on the research results from the archaeology done at at Governor’s Land that is our subject here. The ‘Examine the Site’ link on the top of the Virtual Jamestown page will take you to a fasinating one-minute “fly over” video of a model of the village on our land. The ‘ Timeline’ link includes references to the Paspahegh and their trading and conflicts with Jamestown until their village was abandoned. The link for Virtual Jamestown is


Virtual Jamestown was developed by Crandall Shifflett, a Professor Emeritus from Virginia Tech for the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown in 2007 as a resource site for teachers and teacher training. It contains far more material than the section that we directed you to with the link above. To see the whole site, click on the link below:

Click on the map on the opening page to enter the site.

For historical background details of Whittaker Plantation site (JC298) on the first fairway, including the structures found and analysis of the four settler skeletons discovered there, use the following link:


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